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Posted on 12/04/2022
Tips on finding the best interior design inspirations
Thinking about changing up the interior design of your...
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Posted on 11/29/2022
Thurs Dec 1 Stroll 3rd Street! Living & Loving Life in SWFL! Let it Snow Sugar Sand & Sunsets.
Join us this Thursday as we Stroll the Avenues in festive spirit, our shops will be open late with their teams of elves at the ready to help with holiday shopping list..... the Traditional Christmas Carolers will be keeping spirits bright, restaurants will be featuring special Christmas menus and cocktails - and there will be snow! ❄️🎄 Come...
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Posted on 11/29/2022
Porsche Passion Dec 2 on 5th Ave! Living & Loving Life in SWFL! Start Living Your Best Life.
We are only 6 days away from the biggest holiday festival in Naples, Florida. As the Exclusive Sponsor of 5th Avenue South, we are excited to announce that we will be back on the avenue for the 49th Annual Christmas Tree Lighting. We invite you to join us for a weekend of fun and festivities. From Porsches on...
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Posted on 11/27/2022
Dwelling coverage 101
Dwelling coverage, also called dwelling insurance, is part of every standard homeowners insurance policy. Dwelling coverage concerns the physical structure of your home, and can help you recoup financially if it’s damaged. While most homeowners insurance policies include dwelling coverage, it can be confusing to determine what sort of damaging events are covered. Here is a quick reference...
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Posted on 11/20/2022
Does home insurance cover water damage? Here's what you should know
Homeowners often wonder, “Does home insurance cover water damage?” Water damage comes in many forms and from many sources, but your standard homeowners insurance policy may not provide coverage for every type. To help you better understand the limits of your homeowners insurance, here is a basic guide to the types of water damage your policy won’t cover:...
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Posted on 11/13/2022
How to Tell if Your Chimney Needs to Be Repaired
Unlike some home repair issues, the gradual decline of a chimney often goes unnoticed for years. During this period of modest disrepair, a wide range of structural problems and fire risks can arise. Even small gaps between brick layers create an opening for unwelcome pests. Here are three telltale signs your chimney may require repair. 1: Check for...
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Posted on 11/06/2022
Tips for creating a stylish home office space
Many companies are offering work-from-home...
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Posted on 11/03/2022
Hot off the Presses from the Naples Daily News. Living & Loving Life in SWFL!
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